M.G.V. Walraven-Raming
First edition in Dutch published under the title
Stotteren je kan het overzien
© Vredebergstichting Rotterdam 1992
This English edition
© Vredeberg foundation Rotterdam 1999
translated by J.E. Klok, J. Terpstra
ISBN 90-75285-03-5
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Children, stuttering and education

What is a good treatment for young children who stutter because of emotional problems? We have heard from parents that the treatment of children is a reflection of the stuttering therapy used for adults. The opinion is the same, namely that the child must change the way he or she speaks by practicing. The speech exercises are, however, in the form of a game. The question is whether one method will give a child an equal position in society. Does the child learn to solve his or her daily problems during the treatment? Does the child learn to work independently and does he or she learn to be responsible? Will the problem be removed or do we add to the child's problems? Now, the child is viewed by everybody as a child who stutters. If the therapist, parents and teacher believe that the child will continue to stutter, the child will believe this too.

Good treatment of the young child includes parental and teacher supervision. Good treatment will only be apparent to adults and not the child.

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Bringing up children: what should you do in terms of the prevention of problems in children We have been studying the raising of young children and its relationship with stuttering since 2006. We organise a course in the summer during which parents, who have resolved their stuttering problem, are supervised with their children in everyday situations. Parents are motivated and do not want their children to develop either a stuttering symptom or the emotions and thinking that are linked to stuttering. Children the Challenge by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs is the study book that we use. Die Individualpsychologie erhebt die Forderung sich um alle Kinder in gleicher Weise zu bemühen und ihre geistigen Fähigkeiten zu fördern, indem ihnen mehr Mut, mehr Selbstzutrauen vermittelt wird.* (Individual Psychology demands that we care for all children in exactly the same way in order to develop their mental capabilities by giving them more courage and self-belief.*)

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